Absolutely. Just sign up for our services and use the address we have provided you as your shipping address for your purchases. You can then provide us with the address you want us to ship the products to and we will ship it for you. Save trips to the post office or waiting for those packages. It is like having your own personal mail room concierge.
There is no requirement on you to notify us of the incoming package. But you have the option of using the “Track Order No” to provide us with the tracking details of the package.
You need to use the billing address associated with your credit card while purchasing. The billing address will be different from the shipping address (as the shipping address will be provided to you by us).
If you are buying from a Indian website, you need to use the shipping address that you are given after you had signed-up. The address will look like this: Your Name , Address : 701 Tower 9 Sea Breeze Sector 16 Nerul , Navi Mumbai 400706 INDIA Phone : +91 - 9937 877 900
We will return it to the sender free of charge for the first couple of times. However if the sender does not accept returns, then there is nothing we can do, other than dispose of the item at your discretion.
We use the USPS, DHL and Fedex. We are looking at adding additional carries in order to give you more options.
We do not offer cash on delivery service.
Please send us an email to info@shopncourier.com with relevant details and we will get back to you with a quote. We do ship freight over air and sea.
We will notify you with the tracking number for all orders leaving our warehouse. The tracking number will be sent via email and is also be available in your account. For packages you have ordered and sending to our warehouse, we obviously will not know the tracking number. Please contact the merchant you had purchased from for the tracking number.
Volumetric pricing is an estimated weight that is calculated from the length, width and height of a package. This is different from the actual weight, and might differ from carrier to carrier.
It’s completely up to you. You can either choose to have all your items sent in the original packaging, or you can also choose to discard the packaging before sending it. Generally, we will try to send the package in its original package (like for iPhones, CD’s, beauty products etc) but in some extreme cases we may discard the original packaging.
We are more than happy to send photos. All you need to do is request them, and we will send some over to you.
We send the invoices along with the packages in order to help Customs to clear the packages faster. Although please be aware that Customs can appraise their own value – even with an invoice.
We will work with you as much as we can to help make the process easier. Although as you will have already paid for the item to be shipped and paid the Customs Duty, you won’t get that back.
If a package being lost or damaged, we will fully refund the fulfillment charge and pay you up to $100 for all packages (unless additional insurance was purchased). We will request you to send us a picture of the damaged package for damaged items. All shipments (including via post) are automatically covered up to $100 to protect against loss or damage. Additional insurance can be purchased. Cancellation to any Assisted Purchase order is fully refundable as long as the cancellation is done prior to the order being placed. All shipping charges are non-refundable. We will send all refunds back to your account/card within 2 business days. However it might take longer for your bank/card to credit your account depending on the bank/card’s policy.
Through our Daily deals page, we like to bring to you the best products, bargains, and brands from all around the world to both showcase these products to you and to save you money. For disclosure purposes, the page does contain a few affiliate links that might earn us a small commission if you make a purchase, while the vast majority of the links do not.
We do provide fulfillment operations in different countries through our parent company. Please contact us at info@shopncourier.com with the subject “Fulfillment” and we will put you in touch with the right team.
The price on the website does not include state taxes and/or any delivery cost charged by the seller. In our quoted price, we include the shipping cost and our service cost along with the aforementioned costs.
We have made our website https (indicated by a green padlock in your address bar) compliant to ensure all communication between the website and your browser is encrypted. Please note that Pages with Pinterest images will not display the green padlock
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It depends on the type and size of batteries. If they are not prohibited by the carriers, they still might require special packaging and so could cost more. Please contact us before you order these items.
We also do not ship any items that are not allowed or prohibited in the destination country. We also reserve the right to not ship any items even if they are allowed by the carrier. You can find more information about the prohibited items by country in these pages. Prohibited items – DHL Prohibited items – Fedex Prohibited items – India Post Prohibited items – UPS Prohibited items – USPS
We do not accept or ship any items that can be considered offensive, prohibited, hazardous or dangerous, such as fire extinguishers, chemicals, plants, seeds, animal parts, weapons, ammunition, or other items that a traditional mail carrier would not accept. Please note that all items are shipped via air and so we follow much more stringent restrictions than for carriers that ship via ground or sea.